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potc___hush's Journal

Third Time's a Charm!
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Welcome to potc___hush, a community for Pirates of the Caribbean themed icons. This community is a spin-off of communites like hp_hush, lotr_hush, and hush_challenge. The idea is to make beautiful icons with given screencaps, excluding any kind of text. I called this community "Third Time's a Charm" because there have been two PotC Hush communities already. The first one was created, but never started. The second one went on for a while, but was recently deleted. So, I started the third one! I'm hoping to keep this one going for a while.

1 :: ABSOLUTELY NO TEXT, WHATSOEVER!!! That is the whole point, after all. :)
2 :: Your icon must meet standard Livejournal requirements - it must be no larger than 100x100px in dimension, and no larger than 40k in file size.
3 :: Don't use icons you made a while ago - Make a new one!
4 :: Submit your icon to the Challenge Post
5 :: Submit your icon in both img src and URL form, like this

6 :: Vote for your favorite 3 icons in the poll. VOTE FOR 3 AND ONLY THREE!!! No more, no less.

Sometime Friday-Monday :: Challenge will be posted
Next Friday or Saturday :: Poll will be posted
Late Sunday or Monday :: Winners will be announced
Banners will be up as soon as I get to them.

Mod :: lady_maethoriel
Co-Mod :: luxveritas